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Bernie at High Low Vintage Knows What Looks Good

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Photos courtesy of High Low Vintage

In a cool corner of Pasadena's High Low Vintage, next to a beautiful Vico Magistretti sofa, sits a happy pooch named Bernie. Carolyn Gray, owner of both the store and the dog who's age is only guessable, adopted Bernie from the Pasadena Humane Society a year ago this month. Happy Anniversary! She spent the earlier part of their relationship convinced he was just a handsome mutt but later found out that he is likely a Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen or "The Happy Breed."

Bernie has spent most of these hot SoCal summer days laid out in his spot on the cold cement but makes his rounds, trashcans are a favorite stop, throughout the day to get a little exercise. When customers come in he can't help but follow them around like a puppy, no pun intended, and even has to be dissuaded from assisting them into the dressing rooms. "I think he just has a strong opinion about what looks good," Gray explained.

High Low Vintage has a selection of women's fine vintage clothes and accessories mixed in with hand picked antiques and collectibles for the home. Despite the luxury surrounding him, Bernie needs the occasional break from work, Gray's boyfriend stops by three to four times a week to take the pooch to the local off-leash dog park to run around. Always eager to return to the store, the show-off pooch looks for customers who will tell him how cute he is, a physical attention being an added bonus. "He loves everyone, especially customers, and expects everyone who comes in to scratch his head and make a fuss over him," Gray told us. "Which they do."
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