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Five-Star Wardrobe Service Garde Robe is Coming to LA

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Images via Garde Robe
Images via Garde Robe

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If your wardrobe is worthy of its own Coveteur feature and your gear's in serious need of the valet treatment, there's a service (and app) for that. Luxury closet concierge Garde Robe is coming to LA this month, meaning you too can digitize your overflowing closet à la Cher Horowitz and then stash your precious pieces away in their climate-controlled five-star facilities.

In addition to offering museum-quality closet storage, Garde Robe also offers luxe luggage-packing and around-the-world shipping (globetrotters, ditch that baggage claim!), expert closet organizers, exclusive services from Margaret's The Couture Cleaner and a host of other white-glove amenities. Ready to give your threads the Ivanka Trump treatment? (Oh, the CFDA and supermodel Iman are clients, too.) Cyber closet service starts at $350 a month and includes iPad app setup, insurance and complimentary pick-up and delivery.
· Garde Robe [Official Site]

Garde Robe

10700 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 160, Los Angeles, CA 90025