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Luxe Shop Mayfair House Sues West Hollywood Over Fur Ban

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Images via Mayfair House
Images via Mayfair House

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The West Hollywood fur ban brawl continues. While some readers—including Animal Alliance's Ellen Levinthal—applauded the city's move to prohibit the sale of pelts, fleece and other fur products, others were none too pleased about the big bust on fur in the 90069. Just over a week after the law finally went into effect, luxury retailer Mayfair House is slapping the city with a lawsuit and taking the matter up with the feds, reports California Apparel News.

The boutique—which sells outwear brand Canada Goose's fur-trimmed parkas and footwear label Uggs' fur-lined merch—is looking to Uncle Sam to strike down the ban as a violation of U.S. and state constitutions. Shop owner Johanna Judah tells the fashion trade pub that the law "violates the very core values of freedom of choice for us and our customers that drew us to West Hollywood." On the other side of the ring, WeHo says that the ban is in line with their pledge a cruelty-free city, but that they're looking over the lawsuit.

Are you yay or nay on the anti-fur law? Sound off in the comments!
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