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The Fashion Book Every '60s Enthusiast Needs to Own

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Today's pick comes from Racked Boston editor Susie Kostaras.

The MFA's 'Hippie Chic' Book (by curator Lauren D. Whitley), $35

Boston's Museum of Fine Arts is getting a lot of attention these days from fans of flower child fashion with its "Hippie Chic" exhibit, running through November 11. But hey, if you can't make it to Massachussets, the accompanying publication is a great segue into the subject.

The book is full of archival imagery, including vibrant photos and plenty of tie dye, patchwork, and velvet zoom shots. Author and curator Lauren D. Whitley offers the reader a primer on how clothing collided in the street, on the runways, and at festivals during the Summer of Love and throughout the hippie era. The $35 hardcover book would be at home on any history lover's coffee table.
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