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LA Stylist Lisa Katnic on Miley, 'Ratchet' & Setting Haters Straight

Image via Lisa Katnic/<a href="">Instagram</a>
Image via Lisa Katnic/Instagram

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Long before she put those infamous foam fingers in Miley Cyrus' hands, LA stylist Lisa Katnic was already making waves in the local style scene. The '90s sportswear-loving host of VFILE's Lisa TV web series first made a splash designing her disco-meets-club-kid swimwear line, and her flashy "sporty bling" style's been making pop culture history thanks to crooner Robin Thicke's hashtag-y "Blurred Lines" music video (the fully-clothed version!) and a certain twerky MTV Video Music Awards performance with the former Hannah Montana.

The self-professed costume designer recently chatted with NY Mag's The Cut, where she expounded on everything from the word "ratchet" to her new fave look (hint: it involves hemp) and set the record straight on the real inspo behind the reinvented Disney pop star's crazy VMA wardrobe.

On her only regret with the VMAs: Viewers at home missed the crazy-in-real-life performance of seven-foot-tall burlesque dancer Amazon Ashley, whose "butt twerking [...] was a spectacle in person."

On why Miley's not racist: The LA Bakers—aka those ass-tastic dancers who backed it up with Miley in the "We Can't Stop" video and the VMAs—are buddies with the tongue-twirling singer, who's "friends in real life [with Amazon Ashley]. They go out to lunch."

On the controversial word "ratchet": The word "is so vague [...] One person's ratchet is Lil' Kim, and another person's ratchet is tranny hooker on Santa Monica Boulevard."

On what really inspired that buzzy VMA wardrobe: The giant fuzzy teddy bears, that massive manicured foam hand, etc.? "'Ratchet' wasn't used to describe it [...] That was camp."

On getting the inside scoop on subculture street style for Lisa TV: "Whether it's punk, ratchet, goth, Insane Clown Posse, twerking: I just don't ever want to disrespect any cultures because I think it's cool people are so committed."

On the next big trend: Namechecking Harlem-based brand Gypsy Sport, "I think that 'stoner' is going to be the new look...I put athletic socks under rope sandals, and now I'm obsessed with that."
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