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Simply Stylist's Sarah Boyd Loves Boxing, Hip-Hop & the Hustle

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Simply Stylist founder Sarah Boyd grew up in York, Pennsylvania and after graduating with a Fashion Merchandising degree from Philadelphia University, hauled ass to LA. Boyd's sister, Caroline Rothwell of Caro Marketing, was already living on the West Coast when, together, the two of them started the Fashion PR firm in their apartment, one of their first clients being Toms Shoes. After nearly nine years of working at Caro, Boyd was feeling the itch to take another leap, this time starting her own company. "It was the hardest decision of my life," Boyd explains of the decision to leave her job and start Simply Stylist, but with the support of her hubby, she made it.

Simply Stylist is a networking event that connects insiders in the fashion and beauty industries with one another. Boyd's first event, which was fashion-only, featured a panel that included big names in the industry like Shea Marie from Peace Love Shea, Kym and Alexis McClay of Naven and Jeanne Yang of Holmes & Yang. The official Simply Stylist host, Catt Sadler of E! News, travels from NY to Dallas and Chicago to MC the day's activities which includes everything from a luncheon to panel discussions, workshops and of course, shopping. "I like to say that Simply Stylist turns the spotlight on the behind-the-scenes trendsetters," Boyd explains of the day-long event.

With all the success Boyd has experienced with her company in less than two years, she has no plans of slowing down. Next on the agenda? Adding monthly beauty sessions, additional Simply Stylist cities, even more categories (think fitness, wellness and food) and eventually combining it all into it a once-a-year event that will be a weekend destination. Hawaii doesn't sound so bad. The overall goal to connect all the trendsetters with each other will remain. "That's the thing about the industry," she says. "Why not work together?"

We had a catch-up sesh with the dot connector at one of her favorite Melrose juice spots, Glow Bio. Over some Vitamin C we talked workout routines, first boyfriends and the beauty in The Golden Rule.

What are you drinking today?
"I am drinking the Youth Fountain."

Memorial Day or Labor Day?
"Memorial Day because it kicks off summer!"

Where is your favorite place to shop in LA?
"For affordable things I like Zara, H&M, Crossroads and Virgo downtown but if I'm going to splurge I'll hit Robertson Blvd. or American Rag."

What app would you like to invent for the iPhone?
"There are so many people who are in my phone by their email address and they will be at an event with me but I have no idea because I don't recognize them. There needs to be an alert that says 'Here are all the people in your database that are in the same vicinity as you.' Right?"

Coffee or Tea?
"Tea all day long, not a fan of coffee!"

What is one of the funniest stories about your very first boyfriend?
"The way my third grade boyfriend and I showed each other we liked each other was by chasing each other. I would have my friend, who was bigger than me, grab him and hold him down and I would do a cartwheel and land on him. That was my way of showing him that I liked him. Then he went on to make me a mixed tape of all these fun songs (a la It Takes Two) he liked the abuse I guess."

Hip-Hop or Country?

Guiltiest radio pleasure?
"The Love station on XM. I blast it in my car, it is so good. Always by Atlantic Star, amazing."

Any good book recommendations?
"I'm reading Stacy London's The Truth About Style right now. It's really good! My all time favorite classic is The Giving Tree though, so many layers."

Snail Mail or Email?
"Email but snail mail is nice."

What is your favorite thing you did this summer?
"Probably my trip to Lisbon and Dublin, we were there for ten days."

If you could make one law, what would it be?
"That everyone has to follow The Golden Rule: One should treat others as they would want to be treated. I think that would solve a lot."

N'Sync or Backstreet Boys?

What are your three wardrobe staples?
"A great pair of skinny jeans, my current favorite is a pair of Kova & Ts, best fit ever. A classic handbag, everyone should have at least one expensive handbag that goes with everything, I've been choosing a lot of bright colors lately for my handbags and, surprisingly, they match with a lot. Also a killer black heel, which doesn't have to be expensive, you can wear them with jeans and dress them up or dress them down."

Who should pay on the first date?

What is one thing you wish you knew then that you know now?
"That you don't know everything at age 25."

Tell us about your workout routine.
"Boxing! I train with The 'Terrible' Terry Norris at World Champion Boxing in Universal City. It's the most amazing workout I've ever done in my life and I do it three to four days a week. He's a four-time world champion boxer and there's only six people max in the class. It starts with a mile run, lunges, a lot of training on the bags, boxing with him and a lot of abs and butt. He works every single muscle and after an hour you walk out dripping. Best workout ever."

Uber or Lyft?

What was your biggest fear when you were a little kid?
"Oh I had a few. When I was really little it was doorknobs. My biggest fear now, and I was also afraid of it when I was young, is cotton balls ripping. My all-time worst fears: cotton balls ripping, rolled up carpets and moths. Yes, I am weird, I know."

Complete this sentence: Eat, Drink and __.
"Eat, Drink and Hustle."
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