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The Ninety-Second Secret to Managing Weather-Sensitive Hair

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Today's pick comes from Racked editorial director Izzy Grinspan.

Salty Dog Sea Spray, $26.95 at Evo

My hair is usually straight, but it tends to puff up and lurch off in strange directions when the climate gets too damp. For years, I dealt with this by blow-drying the hell out of it, then trying desperately not to get rained on. But then I discovered Evo's Salty Dog sea spray.

Now, instead of aiming a blast of hot air at my head every morning, I'm just schprizting with this delicious-smelling Australian stuff, making a couple curls with my fingers, and going about my day. The result is loose, piece-y "beach hair"—hair worthy of a photo shoot in Aruba, as opposed to what my hair actually does at the beach.
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