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3.1 Phillip Lim x Target: Early Birds Up Since 5am at Target WeHo

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This morning at 8am, the 3.1 Phillip Lim x Target collab officially lands in stores. Below, Racked LA associate editor Danielle Directo-Meston reports live from the #Limsanity at Target West Hollywood.

7:00am: People at the front lined up at 5am. Damn. There are already about 30 people in line and everyone seems to be in good spirits...for now.

7:05am: There's a dude here with a real Pashli. A true fan!

7:10am: Pro tip: Park on Romaine, where there are a few unrestricted parking spots left. Otherwise, parking on La Brea is two hours only and the complex is free for the first hour.

7:20am: There's only one guy in line so far. The dress code seems pretty lax: flip-flops, sneakers, flats. All running-appropriate footwear.

7:22am There are about 10 more people behind me now, and the line's at the escalators.

7:28am: Security and staff are now scoping out the crowd from inside Target. One guy just took a pic of everyone in line. Just you wait, mister. Just you wait!

7:29am: There are a few mother-daughter teams, too. Cute!

7:30am: Mom with teen daughter and son just arrived. Son does not look pleased.

7:40am: Everyone seems to be planning on making a beeline for the bags, and many were able to snatch the clothes they wanted early online.

7:45am: Oh dear. They're now blasting "The Power" to pump up the crowds.

7:50am: Now, a remix of Kylie Minogue's "Can't Get You Out of My Head" is playing. Someone clearly wants us to dance. This is West Hollywood, I suppose. Consensus from the crowd is that it's way too early to dance.

7:51am: Intel from a friend at Target North Hollywood: folks over there started lining up at 6am, and the crowd is only about half of this one.

7:52am: More ladies with boyfriends/bored male supporters in tow are arriving.

7:54am: The line's starting to move as people are standing up. Excitement!

7:59am: Security is now setting up barriers. "We're getting serious here about the line!" Someone behind me says.

8:01am: It's 8:01 and people are getting antsy that we're still waiting outside.

8:02am: Ooh, we're moving! Crowd is being let in slowly in groups of five.

Update:The liveblog continues here.

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