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Fur No More: WeHo's Pelt Prohibition Starts Next Week

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Image via Shutterstock
Image via Shutterstock

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Remember when West Hollywood stroked the issue of prohibiting the sale of pelts two years ago? Well, it's finally happening. Soon, fur-loving folks will need to get their fix of winter wear elsewhere: WeHo will be the first city in America to ban the sale of fur.

In a move that's making PETA and vegans proud, all 90069 shops will get a hefty slap on the wrist for selling fur clothing and accessories in stores and online, reports California Apparel News. The law also bans boutiques from importing the merch with the intent to sell, and shop owners who are caught in the act could be cited $250 to $800. Vintage stores, consignment shops, non profit orgs and others who sell used fur items are off the hook, however.

In addition, shoppers will be able to look, but they can't buy: retailers will still be allowed to display fur items, but some, like Kitson, will send folks over to a different location to purchase and pick up their gear. And though the rule officially starts next Saturday, the city's giving retailers a 60- to 90-day warning period.

"Most believe that the fur ban is an ethical and realistic action, one that continues to elevate the discourse about how we live in the world," WeHo mayor pro tem John D'Amico tells the fashion trade pub. "Almost from its founding, WeHo has been a city dedicated to actionable humane policies, and this is another step in that direction."
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