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Lady at The Stronghold is a Southern Girl

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Photos courtesy of The Stronghold

The Stronghold in Venice has everything a man can want from tees, boots and denim to a rustic, manly atmosphere. And who is running the tight ship? Lady, a Catahoula Leopard Cur who is just over a year old. Ryan Gray of The Stronghold found his pooch a year ago and couldn't resist, "I adopted her after she flopped onto my lap in the shop with her 'Adopt Me' tee on," Gray explained. Because her breed hails from Louisiana (it became the state dog in the 70's) she is Gray's "Southern Girl," hence the name Lady.

Like most Store Sidekicks, Lady likes to nap all over the Abbot Kinney store, but that's only when she's not hanging out by the front door watching the world go up and down the busy street. Although she is the in-store favorite with all the customers, kids are especially drawn to her and she always has Gray and the rest of the team laughing. "I am more impressed with the things she does everyday," he told us. Man's Best Friend.
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