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Behind the Scenes with One Dress A Day Designer Bruno Schiavi

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Images via One Dress A Day

If you're a flash sale fanatic and never sport the same outfit twice, then mark your calendar for the soon-to-be-launched shopping experience One Dress A Day. As the name suggests, a new limited edition frock (sourced from luxe Italian and French fabrics, no less) will be released daily for an entire year starting August 26th, with each piece priced at around $169.

Created in LA by celebrity designer Bruno Schiavi—the man behind the Kardashian Kollection—and made in the U.S., the line's first month of dresses was recently shot in a mere two days in the coastal paradise of Pacific Palisades. We got the behind-the-scenes scoop on the shoot and had a chat with the designer himself, who tells us he keeps a vintage dress collection hanging in his office for 24/7 inspiration.

What inspired you to choose the Pacific Palisades as your backdrop?
"We took on the near impossible project of creating 60 campaign images in just two days—not an easy feat. I don't know any other brand that has ever attempted to pull this off in such a short amount of time. The house we chose in the Pacific Palisades provided a nice variety of settings—from beautiful views of the beach to glamorous old-Hollywood themed rooms. Almost all of the dresses are made in the USA and it was important to me to have that represented in our initial campaign shoot."

What's the thinking behind keeping it all locally made?
"One Dress A Day will offer luxe fast fashion. We will be offering a brand new dress every single day, 365 days a year, so I'm constantly coming up with new design ideas. By making our dresses in the States I can get inspired and turn something around very quickly. It's easy to do it overseas cheaply, but I wanted to make sure it was done correctly."

How is this different from your other ventures like the Kardashian Kollection?
"This is an entirely unique e-commerce platform that has never been done before now. It also marks the first time that Jupi will be in control of everything from concept and creation to running our own e-commerce site directly."

Is there one dress that's your fave?
"That's such a hard question to answer because I would never produce anything I didn't love. Each dress is special."

How do you see your dresses being worn?
"The beauty of a great dress is that it can be styled so many different ways depending on who is wearing the dress and their sense of style. I wanted to make sure to provide a wide variety of styles that anyone could wear from a workday in the office to a night out on the town or a brunch with friends. We paid very close attention to the fabric and fit of each design to ensure each piece would not only be comfortable but also incredibly flattering. There really will be something for everyone."

Loving it? Catch a sneak peek of the first dress next Monday and head to the site here.
· One Dress A Day [Official Site]