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Pit Bull Lab Mix Odessa at Gogosha Optique Loves Zerberts

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Photos courtesy of Gogosha Optique

Silverlake's Gogosha Optique has all of your eyewear needs, from expert fit to filling in your prescription in any of their collections which include Oliver Goldsmith, Garrett Leight and Thierry Lasry. It's only an added bonus that on some days, their "atomic ball of manic sweetness," pit bull lab mix Odessa, is part of the welcoming committee. Store owner, optician and eyewear aficionado Julia Gogosha fostered the energetic dog for two weeks in 2010 and couldn't let her go. She sets up post at the store, but only on days when she's had a long walk, "She has so much energy," Gogosha explained. "She needs to be a little tired out or all she wants to do is play."

The first thing Odessa does when heading into her home away from home is sniff every corner to see who has been hanging out on her turf, "Like Goldilocks knowing there were others dogs in her house." After she's cleared the area she gets settled, waiting for her favorite customers to come in and give her the attention she loves. In the meantime she is quite the chatterbox, mimicking the sound of an ambulance is her speciality. If she gets too feisty, Gogosha bribes her with cashews, dried bananas or carrots, healthy snacks!

Amidst all of the fun Odessa has during the day, she would much rather be nuzzling up with the humans and giving them kisses to the point of exhaustion. "One of my favorite moments was when a regular client whom I love but I've always experienced him as a very reserved and quiet individual, scooped her up like she was a chihuahua and curled her up to his face," Gogosha told us. "He just started kissing and hugging her and giving her zerburts. She was in heaven." Awww!
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