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Racked Readers Rocked AuraCycle's Beyonce and Jay-Z Ride

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Besides getting butts into major shape, another key benefit of our Racked Fit Club events is the music. From Madonna and IO Echo mashups at Flywheel to Robin Thicke and Ellie Goulding beats at Physique 57, we've learned that behind every great workout is an even greater soundtrack. Last night's fourth RFC class—a Beyonce and Jay-Z themed ride at AuraCycle—was no exception.

After greeting all 40 riders to the sold-out event (seriously, y'all are awesome), Hottest Trainer 2013 finalist Maurizio Pelone led us to a dark studio where the psychedelic sweat fest would go down. He opened the class with Jay-Z and JT's "Holy Grail" and pretty much triggered an instant dance session. Co-leader Samantha Weinberg followed it up with Beyonce's sassy "Countdown," which activated the rave-like light show. Who knew perspiring like crazy could be this fun?

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