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6 Things To Know About Multitasking Designer Kelly Wearstler

Image via Into the Gloss
Image via Into the Gloss

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Kelly Wearstler has a triple Type A personality, but is that hardly a newsflash? The LA-based do-it-all designer, who also describes herself as "a mom, a surfer and a curious girl," reveals the many secrets to her success(es) to beauty insider site Into the Gloss, and we found there's much to learn from the intense juice lover and expert costume creator.

In the article, Wearstler spills on everything from her career path (it started out with something named the "Bunny Shop") to her design process (she never sits) to home decor tips for folks with tight budgets. Here are six things we learned about the always-inspiring interior decorator and fashion designer.

1. On how she can do five things at once: When she wasn't studying graphic design, architecture and art history, the designer footed her own college tuition bill and worked a waitressing gig until 11 at night, and then would head home to her studio to work until 3 in the morning. "But it was OK—I have a lot of energy...Plus, I really think waiting tables made me a great multitasker."

2. On her early career: As a child, Wearstler sold handmade trinkets to visiting family members from her Bunny Shop. "I made little things and I'd put little price tags next to them and sell them to our guests. My mom will still send me things on my birthday that she 'bought' from the Bunny Shop. They're drawings and things made out of egg cartons and wire and lanyards."

3. On being told "no": Wearstler sees the word as a challenge and an opportunity to evolve. "As a designer, you have to be a good listener. You can't evolve otherwise, and you have to take criticism and you have to pick yourself up and try again. So, hearing 'no' can be good. If you're always told 'yes,' you can't grow."

4. On being a working mom: The designer finds inspiration from the strong women in her family and working hard. "Being a mom is the most incredible thing, but I think it's important, too, for a woman to have another focus. Having that outlet—work—makes me a better mom."

5. On her creative process: She stands all day and always listens to her clients. "I do not sit still...And my style is always changing. Each client—whether it's a home or a hotel project—teaches me something new and brings something different to the table. Design is a collaborative effort. I take what the client wants and run it through my filter."

6. On designing like a pro on a budget: When it comes to decking your halls and walls on the cheap, head to the flea markets. "Otherwise, another good rule is not to buy all of your furniture in one place. It should look curated and like pieces were found over time and that things have a different hand. If everything is made by the same hand, it tends to look very flat and one-dimensional."

Intrigued? Watch a clip of Wearstler in her element (plus, see her ridiculously cute and unsurprisingly talented sons rock out) and read the full feature here.
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