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Bollare's Alle Fister is Ready for NYFW, Addicted to Success

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Alle Fister is a well-known name on the LA fashion scene. The Pepperdine graduate (she started her own major) and founder of PR Powerhouse Bollare got her start in the biz as a wide-eyed 21-year-old at what is now known as Shopbop. Fister's college roommate's sister (say that five times fast) went to school in Madison, Wisconsin where a store called "Bop" was the local college's "It" store and on its way up. Fister wrote a letter to founder Bob Lamey that changed the course of she and the company forever.

"I basically said, 'I'm 21, I know everything there is to know about life and you need to make this cool dude!'" Fister shares of that now pivotal moment. "I was driving to accept a job to be someone's third assistant at CAA when Bob Lamey calls and says, 'I think what you wrote was really smart, do you have time to talk about it?'" Out of that conversation, Fister became an early member of the Shopbop family.

After a few years of working with the brand from the ground up, doing everything from styling lookbooks, pitching television segments to eventually traveling to appear as the recognizable "Shopbop girl," Fister decided to open her own consulting business, Bollare, with Shopbop as her first client. Now, the company that she started in her apartment without even a business card has grown to cover two coasts, employing 50 of fashion's brightest with a slew of big name clients including Vans, Timberland and Reformation. Her team at Bollare, which means "To Brand" in Italian, handles everything from editorial to partnerships for its fashion, accessories, beauty and lifestyle clientele.

We set down with the Queen of PR, who could likely tell you that last press placement of each of her 100 clients, for a BluePrint Juice at Whole Foods, where we talked music, success and her very rare downtime.

What are you drinking today?
"Carrot Lemon Blueprint Cleanse cold pressed juice." (Which just launched in Whole Foods nationwide).

Spring or Fall?
"Spring. Ideally Summer."

What's your best vacation memory?
"My husband and I got engaged on the Italian Riviera. I thought we were just on vacation and he proposed to me."

What three songs would be on your life's soundtrack?
"(I've Had) the Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing because growing up, my sister and I would put it on repeat and had dreams of a boy air-lifting us above them. All These Things That I've Done by the Killers was really popular when I first started Bollare and the chorus was 'You gotta help me out.' I would always say that was my theme song. [And] probably Good Times by Led Zeppelin, it makes me think of my father and I love Led Zep."

When was the last time you had to tell someone "No"?
"Five seconds ago."

You have a week without work emails, where do you go?
"First of all, I think I would have a mild panic attack. But that being said, we have been invited a few times to Taravua and I've never been able to go because of work. It's an island in Fiji and a lot of the surf companies will rent it for a week or a month and you have to get invited. When you go, it's super remote so you can't utilize your cell phone. It's very minimalist. Surf, yoga, lover's dream."

Facebook or MySpace?
"I don't even know what MySpace is." (Laughs)

What has been your biggest career moment?
"There are two. The night we had an opening party for the LA showroom and I had all of my team around me. That was a moment. Look how far we've come from my apartment to this. Then on the flipside, we brought MinkPink into the United States, from a press perspective, and have had a lot of great success with that so I got asked to speak at Sydney Fashion Week. That was a moment for me too, 'How the hell do you know what Bollare is over here!?'"

Magazine Subscriptions or Browse Online?
"Except for Racked, I do love holding a glossy magazine."

How do you recover from a bad day?
"There are so many things that happen in any one day that the good or bad thing about it is that it doesn't give me a lot of time to wallow in my sorrow. One of our advisors once told me, 'The definition of success is a circle. If one side is happiness and the other is when your most mad, the definition of success is how fast the person can get from when they're the most mad back to the good.' So, I really try not to allow myself much time to feel bad."

If you could have any superpower what would it be?
"Eternal time. There's so many things I want to do."

If you had an hour to kill that time where would you go?
"I'm a big yoga person, I think focusing on breathing and setting the attention to what we're going to do next is very grounding."

Any healthy addictions?
"Probably success or results. When we sign a client, I feel like we won the client. When we have a press placement, I can't check out of Ralphs to this day without showing my husband. I love the tangible result."

Describe your weekend wardrobe.
"I'm pretty off because I'm so on Monday through Friday. So Saturday and Sunday it's probably workout clothes or a bikini and no makeup."

What upcoming plans are you most excited about?
"Fashion week. We've got some really awesome partners on board, presentations, cocktails parties and a few shows. I love any big event like that."

Fill in the blank: Life, Love and ___.
"A really good time."
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