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Oliver at Jonathan Adler Loves to Nap, Has Great Taste

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Photos courtesy of Jonathan Adler

The official greeter at Jonathan Adler's Melrose location is a tiny Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Oliver. His owner Anne Henderson, who works at the store, got the pup in Kansas when he was four months old and on this past Fourth of July they celebrated his fifth birthday. "We had a big party," Henderson said. "Fireworks and all!"

Oliver spends most of his days at Jonathan Adler back and forth between his favorite napping spots. "He absolutely loves our new Maxime Chair because it's shearling," Henderson told us. "[And] he can't get enough of our Baby Alpaca Throws. What can I say, he has fantastic taste!" Although he spends most of his day snoozing, he is eager to reprise his roll as greeter when kids and other dogs stop by.

Oliver has always been a "shop dog" so he is the perfect addition to the animal-friendly Jonathan Adler store and the customers love him too, although he falls into such a deep slumber they oftentimes don't realize he is real until he starts snoring. While he takes his roll at the store as everyone's friend very seriously when he's awake, there is one sure way to his heart. "He is highly motivated by food, so anyone with food is his new best friend." (We hear there are a lot of good restaurants in the area.)
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