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Dr. York's Golden Retriever Renzo is Calm, Cool and Collected

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Photos courtesy of Dr. York Spectacle Maker

Dr. York customers can count on one thing when they walk through the doors of the eyewear boutique: a friendly greeting from the three-year-old golden retriever who's a staple at the West 3rd Street shop. Renzo moved from Mexico City to Los Angeles with married couple José Castellanos and Elena Orestano, who call him their "golden puppy," when they decided to open a second home for their popular store. He was an interior fixture from the beginning. "We bring him to the store because our apartment is small," Orestano explained. "He is more comfy at the store and we can be with him."

Renzo, who was named after Italian architect Renzo Piano, spends his day lying front and center by the window where he naps or watches people stroll by, depending on his mood. Orestano takes him for a walk every two hours for social hour; he loves visiting with the neighborhood dogs and his friends at Beverly Hills Juice. The pooch has a sweet and calm personality and he gets along with customers naturally, in fact, he's already received a leash and toy as a gift from Dr. York loyals.

Renzo loves attention from whatever human is willing to pet him and his friendly attitude isn't limited to one species, "If he sees a dog outside he puts his paw on the door so we open it and say hi," Orestano told us. "It's all about love with him." Every time a customer walks into the store, Renzo rises from him slumber to greet them, "Our customers love him." How could you not?
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