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Don't Call These High-Waisted Shorts 'Mom Jeans'

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Today's pick comes from Editorial Director Izzy Grinspan.

Images via Court Shop

So, I just had a baby. And as US Weekly takes so much pleasure in pointing out, having a baby is terrible for your waistline. It's the only time in your life when you can lose 25% of your body weight and still feel like a blob.

That's why I'm obsessed with Court Shop's super-flattering high-waisted denim shorts. The fabric is stretchy and forgiving—many high-waisted shorts make you feel like you're slowly being digested by a boa constrictor, but these are more like a nice supportive hug. Designer Nicole Tondre loves a 70s aesthetic, so she loaded them with cute vintage-esque details like contrast stitching and patch pockets. Since the summer is waning, they're currently on sale for $57.50 (down from $115), but if you're looking for a more seasonal buy, you can get the same general look from any of Court's high-waisted jeans.
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