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LA's Building Block Designers on Merging Luxury and Utility

Image via Building Block
Image via Building Block

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Our sister site Racked National recently caught up with Racked Young Guns 2013 semi-finalists Kimberly and Nancy Wu of Building Block to learn more about the LA design duo's minimalist-meets-playful accessories.

The luxe bag label's unique, utilitarian aesthetic stems from the sisters' compelling design backgrounds: "Two years ago, Kimberly was working as a concept car designer for Honda's Advanced Studio and Nancy was working as a footwear designer for Nike Inc. [...] We've always been interested in fashion (though we were educated as industrial designers), so blurring the line between luxury and utility was something we began to experiment with as a means to reestablish a new design philosophy."

The line-blurring result? Devastating cool carryalls that are less about being in your face and more about making a subtle statement that cool girls get. Catch the full Q&A here.
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