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Shop Assistant Bailey at Letters From LA Will Pose for Pics

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Photos courtesy of Letters From LA

Letters From LA might offer super comfy tees, a variety of jewelry and those super popular Stance socks but amongst the great selection of merch sits (almost) five-year-old Bailey, the face of the Eagle Rock boutique. Store owner, Sasha Martinus, adopted the White Swiss German Shepard, Cocker Spaniel, Shiba Inu mix (say that 10 times fast) from a shelter in Cypress Park three years ago, "The minute I took him out to the yard so we could get to know each other, he started running laps and his ears were flapping like dumbo," she reminisced. "I fell in love instantly!"

First thing every morning upon arriving to work, Bailey sets up shop in his favorite spot in the back of the store where he can sun, lounge and hang out with his friends over at The Sniveling Sibling, who are always outside working in the back lot. When he's not playing with the neighbors, he's perched in the front window watching cars pass by. He is so poised in his position that people often stop to see if he is even a real dog.

Bailey adores his time with customers and will pose for pictures and follow them around the store, in true assistant form. He is still a pooch though and sometimes gets tired; he's been known to lie down right on the customers feet with hopes of getting a belly rub. He's also very affectionate and known around town for his awesome hugs. If you stop in to say hi to Bailey, be sure to bring your camera, enough time to play and maybe even his favorite grilled chicken breast from his favorite Four Cafe, but please, no spices.
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