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Master Hairstylist Umberto Unveils New Look for Hair Care Line

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After a half century of being in the business of hair, you might say Umberto Savone is a bit of an expert in his field. Since setting up shop in Beverly Hills 30 years ago, the master stylist from New York by way of Italy has gone on to develop his own line of hair care products for mass retailer Target, which—unlike many other high-profile coiffeurs—he and his team regularly reach for when styling their own clients.

The hairstylist recently gave his merch a makeover, and we sat down with him at his 90210 salon to talk shop. "After eight years (since Umberto BH launched at Target), it was time for a change. We wanted to refresh it," Savone tells us of his product's new look. The previously-gold bottles now boast a new silver hue, a more user-friendly color-coded system and a sleeker shape.

Since his products are manufactured right here in LA, "we have control over everything in the bottle," Savone says. Along with the new packaging, several products also got a sulfate-free formula upgrade. Plus, the industry vet says he's always looking for ways to improve his product, and he's not afraid to use himself (and sometimes willing customers) as a guinea pig.

We also learned that many clients don't believe the Umberto still clocks in every day—or at all. A few years back, one newcomer from New York stopped in to see if the salon's namesake stylist was still alive and kicking it. She and her family were regulars of his back when his salon called Syracuse its home, and she thought she'd check up on her old stylist while she was in town.

Most of the time, Savone keeps mum on his name; the next time you visit his HQ, you may not know it's the big boss chopping your locks. Learn more about the pro cutter here and check out the full line of products (ranging from $4.99 to $14.99) here.
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