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This Season, Mattison Encourages Short-Sleeved Tuxedos

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Photos by André Vippolis via Mattison.

Following Derek Mattison's immaculate debut last year, the LA-based designer and Melrose Place boutique owner presents a game-changing sophomore range that just may encourage local dudes to suit up.

"I don't work with a whole lot of inspiration when it comes to my collections—at least not yet anyway," the emerging talent tells us. "This is only my second season and I'm still at a point where what I make comes from what I personally want to wear." Rather than mirror trends, Mattison looked to his own past style to whip up a spring set of bomber jackets, blazers, suits, shirts and sweatshirts with a twist.

"I referenced my younger years in the summer when the weather got warmer and I used to cut pants into shorts," he explains. "The difference now is that I have access to amazing tailors and my wardrobe has evolved. Instead of cutting pants into shorts, I cut tuxedos into short sleeves. If you ever want to see a tailor look like a deer in headlights ask him to cut the sleeves off of a brand new tuxedo."

Shop select spring 2013 styles ($150—$2,900) at Mattison Melrose now; look out for additional sizes and colorways in-store mid-June.
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