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LA Blogger/Stylist Christa Jayne Has a Killer Eye for Vintage

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Photo via <a href="">Fashion or Famine</a>
Photo via Fashion or Famine

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There's no shortage of fashion bloggers who can effortlessly mix designer and high street. But throw a little vintage in there, and that's where stylist, Instagram superstar and Fashion or Famine blogger Christa Jayne comes in.

The blonde bombshell—who counts Vogue Australia editor Christine Centenera, electro-dance duo Daft Punk and 1976-era Fleetwood Mac as her style icons—can pull off denim on denim just as easily as she can sport a hot pink Isabel Marant number. Her eclectic style has even landed her a snap in Elle Girl Japan. We spoke to the always-sunnied online shop owner about what inspires her, her secret to scoring vintage, and what she has in store next.

Where are you from and how'd you get your start in fashion?
"You know, a wise man once got tattooed on his back, 'Home is where I want to be, but I guess I'm already there.' I am originally from Eugene, Oregon, but I am stoked to now call Los Angeles my home. I got my start in the fashion industry by styling small projects for friends who were photographers and musicians. From there I moved into assisting stylists on music videos, editorial shoots, and TV appearances, or really anything! I quickly found that I really wanted to work more on a one-on-one basis, styling personal clients. My passion really lies in developing relationships with clients and sharing my enthusiasm for fashion and vintage on a personal level, whether that's in person, on my blog, or through my store."

What inspired you to start your blog?
"Family, friends, music, motorcycles, skateboarding, vintage, fashion, the beach—these are all things that encompass my love for fashion and inspire me on so many various levels. I love that fashion is truly creative in every sense of the word! I love the idea of wearing a ball gown with a vintage tee shirt, or mixing—my personal favorite—a vintage Harley tee shirt, well, with anything, but particularly with higher fashion, more forward pieces. I mean, why not throw on a pair of heels with a sweatsuit? This is why the blog is an awesome forum for me to express myself in that very way. However, with that said, I love the idea of being able to hopefully inspire others to throw caution to the wind and have fun with fashion and take chances!"

Who takes your photos and how do you build outfits?
"All my photos are by Noah Luger, who is beyond extremely talented. He really gets it, and I love his style. He himself has the best fashion sense and style of anyone I know and I think thats why he's so darn good! I build my outfits by what strikes the mood that day; I may find a special vintage piece and have a plan to do something with it, but I don't do it until I'm getting ready for a shoot! My idea of styling is always incorporating different designers, vintage, new, and who knows what else!"

What's been your favorite look so far?
"I would say probably a few posts back, titled Leather and Mesh, where we shot in a back alley next to dumpsters and graffiti. I loved the style of the photographs that Noah took, they are my favorite to date. The outfit is simple but the grittiness and the lighting take it to another level for me."

Where do you love to shop?
"Flea markets, random, obscure vintage stores and then the usual suspects, like Elyse Walker and TenOverSix."

What made you decide to open your own vintage store?
"I decided to open Fashion or Famine Vintage because I had people inquiring about my vintage pieces and I wanted to share my vintage treasures with anyone looking for them! Vintage pieces can be very hard to find and very time-consuming, but I personally love it. I love the interactions with my readers and getting their feedback, especially regarding vintage pieces they are looking for. I feel that the store makes vintage more accessible and you can truly find vintage pieces that are unique and special in my store."

What are your tips for finding the perfect vintage piece?
"Go with your gut; if you love it and it really strikes you, don't pass it up! Also, look for pieces that don't look too period—think less costume and more vintage-meets-modern. If it's a little on the costume side but you think you can make it work, make sure you know what shoes, coat and accessories add a more modern edge."

Is there an item you just can't bring yourself to sell?
"I have an oversized turquoise jumpsuit that I honestly just can't bring myself to sell! It's so simple but I love it! Someone once wanted to buy it, and I turned them down last minute because I just couldn't, which I never do. That darn jumpsuit is just so super rad!"

What summer trends are you looking forward to?
"I love white, and I love a good crop top right now, which I really never thought I would hear myself say. Oh, and I have a pair of Stuart Weitzman gladiator flats that come to my knees that I'm pretty sure I haven't taken off since I bought them."

Who are some of your favorite bloggers?
"I really respect and always have, Elin Kling for her savviness in the industry and originality, Style Heroine for her innovativeness, and 4th and Bleeker for her edge and style. However, I love any blogger that is truly passionate and original!"

Do you have any big plans or projects coming up?
"There's a lot of exciting things coming up. Summer is always a busy time styling for my clients: events, trips, etc. I am working on some great collaborations with people and brands I am really excited about. I am going to be expanding the vintage store and I am also working on a complete renovation of my blog. Stay tuned!"—Danielle Directo-Meston
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