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The Bling Ring Was Filmed Inside Paris Hilton's Actual Home

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If that Paris Hilton closet scene in the Bling Ring trailer looks near-identical to this E! News home tour segment, it's because they were filmed in the same location.

Vanity Fair reveals that the hotel heiress and real-life victim of the LA teen robbers actually granted director Sofia Coppola access to shoot in her notoriously blinged-out home in the Hollywood Hills. "[Sofia] came to my birthday party last year and told me she was doing the film," Hilton explained to the mag at last night's premiere. "She said that she loved my house and really wanted to shoot there. She said it would be so impossible to re-create."

A few of Casa Hilton's one-of-a-kind features include throw pillows emblazoned with the socialite's face, which were apparently a gag gift from one of her friends. "I was like, 'These are so hilarious," she tells VF. "I just have to keep them in the house.' So I did." Check out the scene and more when The Bling Ring hits theaters on June 14th.
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