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Olive at Fifth Floor Gallery Looks Forward to the Workday's End

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Photos courtesy of Fifth Floor Gallery

Fifth Floor Gallery houses handmade items from local designers as well as artists from all over the world, including fine art, but that doesn't stop the resident pup from playing her favorite game of fetch. "She's remarkably conscientious for a dog!" Gallery owner Robert Apodaca exclaimed of his pet's grace near the ceramics. Olive, who was found to be a German Sheperd, Rotweiler, Basset Hound and Catahoula Leopard mix, keeps a low profile when customers are in the store but gets excited towards the end of the workday: "She runs around following me as I shut off all the lights."

While she spends most of the day chilling out on her favorite Shaggy Shank rug, her curiosity will occasionally take her to the front door where she'll watch the world go by, standing in her signature ballerina pose. Olive loves children and other dogs but is a little hesitant to hang with adults, unless of course they have grub they're willing to share: "If you're carrying leftovers from one of the restaurants in the area she'll follow you all over the store!"
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