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A Stylish Comedienne's Guide to Dressing for a Pool Party

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Photo by <a href="">Benjamin Blascoe</a>
Photo by Benjamin Blascoe

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Marissa A. Ross is a self-described "writer, performer, drinker and sunbather." She stars in an incredibly hilarious web series called Tangent & The Times, which highlights a twenty-something's love of both wine and LA while documenting her journey to becoming a serious writer. She also has an awesome blog that's solely dedicated to our city's perpetual summer, which inspired us to get her sound advice on one of this season's mandatory activities: pool-partying.

Being the well-dressed cat that she is, Ross rounded up eight of her tried-and-true style tips for crafting a foolproof pool party look that guarantees a one-way ticket to the best summer, ever. Class is in session.

1. Find a bathing suit that you love. "Bathing suits are not cheap, nor are they very forgiving if you hastily buy one that fits poorly. Start shopping early and make sure to give yourself enough time to find one you love and really feel great in. After you have your suit, build your outfit around it. I live in LA, a weird wonderland that has more pool parties to offer than most metropolitan places, yet no one wears suits. As a pool professional, I think that is so lame. You're at a pool! Partying in the day time! In the summer! Don't dress like you're going to some basic house party. Plus, after two or three or ten cocktails, getting in the pool can be a very confident and sexy move."

2. No really, bring a bathing suit. "If you're the type of person that is thinking, 'I never get my hair wet!', still, put a bathing suit in your purse. They're so tiny! You can scrunch them up and put them in the side pocket, practically. If there's anything junior high taught me, it is that you never know when you're going to be pushed into a pool. And if there's anything the years I was supposed to be in college taught me, it is that you never know when you're going to get wasted near a pool, end up skinny-dipping, escape the jacuzzi before an orgy breaks out, and run across the lawn butt-freaking-naked. Just have one."

3. Brighten up. "Invest in a few bright, summer statement pieces that can bring a dope pop to any outfit. It's such a simple way to transform chic basics. Fiery corals and neon yellows are my absolute favorite, especially paired with white. When used sparingly, neons are so cool but still very 'look at me!', which I love. Dudes always comment on it, so it is also a great tool for flirting, which is definitely in the top five best summer activities. Tell them it's so they can find you in case of an emergency, and saunter off with a wink."

4. Show some skin. "Alright, look. I'm not saying you need to wear cutoffs with your bottom cheeks out chilling, but do not wear jeans. It's, like, 95 degrees out—who are you kidding? You'll look uncomfortable, because you probably are. I always say shorts or sundresses, but nothing too tight that you can't move around in; you need to be able to sit down, lounge and twerk if the opportunity arises. If you aren't totally in love with your legs, calf-length hemlines are in, too. They're very flattering, and very Mad Men-garden-party of you."

5. Protect yourself. "Speaking of your skin, wear SPF 70 on your face. You think I'm playing, but I am not—that is real talk! SPF 70 will keep you from looking 70 when you're 40. If you're concerned about your body being darker than your face, welcome to adulthood. Get yourself some tinted moisturizer and some bronzer, b."

6. Be smart about your shoes. "You're going to be outside, probably around grass, and definitely near a body of water. Don't wear shoes you can't walk in, and don't wear shoes you would kill yourself over if they got wet. Steer clear of stilettos because they sink into grass and the space between planks of deck wood. If you want height, go for sandals with a wider heel or platforms. If you're into flats, clean Converse are always an awesome and cheap option. Just no flip-flops. Don't get me wrong, I love my Havaianas for casual vacationing and hanging around my house, but someone will make fun of you for wearing them to a party and I will not blame them."

7. Your attitude is your best accessory. "Throw your social anxieties into the breeze and have the best time you can. Start the dance party, drink Mai-Tais, smile at strangers, utilize the diving board, help the host in the kitchen, do cartwheels in the grass, write your number on a napkin with an orange lipsticked kiss, and skip off into the sunset laughing with your best friends. You can wear the hottest designers and be on top of the edgiest trends, but none of it matters if you're not having fun. There is nothing more attractive and approachable than a sunny disposition."

8. "Oh yeah, and NO RUNNING."

Marissa's wearing a Wildfox Geisha tankini, Wildfox Twiggy sunglasses, Wildfox Heather high-waist shorts, American Apparel chiffon pullover, Marc by Marc Jacobs mini drawstring bag and Miu Miu retro sandals.
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