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Italian Greyhound Blu is FactoryLA's Gatekeeper

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Photos courtesy of FactoryLA

Brand incubator and showroom, Factory LA, is set to open its retail doors on June 28 and the company's mascot, Blu, is leading the charge and directing traffic during set-up. Her favorite place to hang out at the 4,000-square-foot industrial space is anywhere soft with a little cuddle room, not limited to a painter's cloth, moving blanket or contractor's jacket. The nine-year-old pooch has been carefully overseeing construction on the shop, coming in early mornings and staying late at night, even eating dinner from a plastic bag to help ensure the venue is ready for opening day.

Blu, also known as Blu Bird, Blueberry or Blu Blu, grew up in Denver with FactoryLA founder Leah Garvin but made the move to Silverlake almost three years ago. While she keeps a watchful eye on the store, greeting people at both the back and front entrance, Blu doesn't dare go outside, "Until another dog walks by," Garvin explained. "She takes her responsibility as a greeter of all living beings very seriously!"

Customers at the upcoming retail store should know that Blu is a lover and friend to all, so anyone who shows interest might end up with an oversized greyhound in their lap. If you really want to impress her, stop by with her favorite drink from neighbor Pressed Juicery, the Roots #1. A beautiful, health-conscious animal—that is so LA.
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