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Paramount Studios Celebrates 100 Years of Film Fashion

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This past weekend, Paramount Pictures toasted its first 100 years with a stylish soiree at Paramount Studios on Melrose. Hosted by Los Angeles Confidential and presented by Acura, the night offered guests the opportunity to get up close and personal with 48 of the American film and television production/distribution company's most iconic costumes throughout the decades, which were all, miraculously, in mint condition.

Set inside Paramount's awesome, life-like New York Street backlot, fashionable archives on display included everything from Priscilla Presley's ravey bodysuit from Naked Gun 33 1/3 and Robin Wright's war protest look from Forrest Gump to Eddie Murphy's Detroit Loins letterman jacket from Beverly Hills Cop 2 and Ben Stiller's zany snakeskin suit from Zoolander.

If you're wondering how Paramount preserves its incredible collection of memorable looks (over 12,500!), it's all in the hands of costume archivist Randall Thropp. "Costumes are kept in temperature-controlled, dark storage in muslin bags, archival bags and plastic bags," Thropp reveals of the meticulous process. "It's preserving Americana. Each of these costumes was worn by someone important in their time period. We can't lost that. You have to invest in that for the future."
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