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Wedding Beauty Tips from Blushington's Lead Makeup Star

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Now that you have your hair and nails covered, let's talk about that face. If you're looking to bust a Kate Middleton by doing your own wedding makeup, there are a few things to keep in mind. We checked in with Jessica Scantlin, lead artist at one of our favorite bridal beauty havens, Blushington, to hook us up with a quick tutorial and six of her tried-and-true tips.

1. Never stray far from your normal makeup routine. "Do a more glamorous you on your wedding day as you don't want to look back and regret the look or, even worse, not recognize yourself."

2. Go for glow. "Inside of a matte look, use a cream blush to create a natural and youthful dewy glow."

3. Add individual false lashes instead of strips. "This will give you a more light, feathery look while still being natural without the harsh line strip lashes can give you."

4. Opt for airbrush foundation instead of regular foundation. "This will help makeup last longer through all those happy tears. It will also hold up better in the heat if you're getting married outside."

5. Add some shimmer to your eyelids. "This will bring a little sparkle to your eyes in pictures and in person. Just apply a tiny amount in the inner corner for a more subtle effect, or apply in the center over your eyeshadow if you want to be a little more bold."

6. Keep lipstick subtle. "As beautiful as a red lipstick is, I would save that for the party portion of the wedding as you don't want your groom covered in red until after most of the pictures are taken. Opt for a more pink/peach tone during the ceremony then have fun with color at the reception."
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