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Rock Out with Future Rock-Star Chefs

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We're obsessed with the food that will be at Eater Young Guns Eve, but did we mention that we are also in love with the band who will be performing at the event?

Yellow Red Sparks are all set to jam out at LACMA on June 23rd. And while there won't be any jam there, there will be an open bar to make for an excellent evening.

Oh, and we think their tunes go really well with tastings from the 10 assembled chefs, including the very musical sounding Olallieberry Cardamom Cutie Pie. Come on. You knew we couldn't go that long with out talking about mind-boggling food that will be served up.

Check out the music video, "A Play to End All Plays," above and be sure to get your tickets to the party to end all parties: Eater Young Guns Eve.