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How This Cali Style Blogger Is Planning Her Dream Wedding

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Images via Samantha Hutchinson

If Emily Schuman was last year's dream blogger bride, our pick for this year is definitely Samantha Hutchinson. The Santa Barbara-based mastermind behind Could I Have That? is known for her effortlessly cool style and enchanting photo diaries, which is why we expected nothing less when she told us that her upcoming wedding was filled with awe-inspiring, jealously-inducing touches.

In anticipation of the big day (July 27!), the Style Scroll regular sat down with us to share some prep tips and snaps of what she has planned for the 180-person celebration. (Spoiler alert: her bridesmaids dresses are being designed by two LA fashion heroes.)

How did your fiancé propose?
"We were driving through Big Sur after spending a weekend together in San Francisco and stopped to check out the view from a secluded spot. The sun had just come out and the water was crystal clear like something out of a painting. Having never been to Big Sur, I was in awe of it all. Then, all of a sudden he grabbed my hand and down he went on his knee. It was the most romantic moment I've ever experienced."

Amazing. What's your wedding's theme?
"Rustic with understated bits of glamour."

What are you doing to make your wedding unique?
"Since we're getting married in a lemon orchard we decided to make our own limoncello to give as gifts to our guests and to serve at the reception. It's been such a fun process, choosing the bottle, corking each one and designing a coaster to go with it. I'm also working on custom bridesmaid dresses with two friends: Wyatt Hough of Band of Outsiders and Stacey Clark of Odilion."

What has been the most fun part of planning so far?
"Cake tasting. I'm a sweets lover so it was so fun to taste all the different combinations and come up with a design."

What is one piece of planning advice for future brides-to-be?
"Don't rush your decisions. If you're unsure take a day or two to think it over. Make a vision board of all the things you like—Pinterest is super helpful for finding inspiration. And of course, enjoy the process because it goes by so quickly!"
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