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Nail Art Star Destinee Handly's Handy Tips for Wedding Nails

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Image via Miss Handly
Image via Miss Handly

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From Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian to Jaime King and Katy Perry, celebrities (and their fans) can't get enough of nail art. A trend that started long before Zooey Deschanel launched her own line of decals, statement paws are now making their way down the aisle, in all their glittery and glossy glory.

To help us navigate the wild world of wedding nails, we sat down with LA-based artist Destinee Handly, aka Miss Handly (she's worked with everyone from Paula Abdul to the aforementioned Lohan), to learn how to rock the look right. Read on for her straight-up dos and don'ts.

1. Do try a color other than nude. "A pretty light blue could be your something blue, or maybe a soft pink. Essie has great soft pink and pastel colors. Zoya is awesome too if you want a vegan, 5-free polish. Seche Vite is the best top coat!"

2. Do wear a gel color. "Keep that mani intact through your honeymoon and beyond."

3. Do use embellishments. "Hunt eBay for pearls and crystals. I use tweezers to apply them with nail glue from my local beauty supply. Don't let that ring be the only bling at your fingertips!"

4. Do try hand-painted designs. "I like lace and half moons. A white half moon over nude polish or pretty hand-painted lace on a few nails keeps it fun and classy."

5. Don't sport a neon shade. "Imagine walking down the aisle in that beautiful dress—that beautiful moment—only to have your man slide that ring onto your blindingly neon green-tipped finger. Just don't do it, period."

6. Don't over do it with gems. "Spikes, huge gemstones and buttons are a no. Just avoid the ripped pantyhose situation altogether. You do want that ring to fit over your nail, right?"

7. Don't get a French manicure. "Skip that bus to tacky town. The '90s have been over long enough."

8. Don't use any weird, textured polish. "You know what I'm talking about. Crackle, caviar, matte, suede, sand-like polishes. Please steer clear of these at all times, actually."
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