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Unearthen Unveils Latest Collection With Pizza, Wine, Psychics

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Last night at her shared design space in the Downtown Arts District, Gia Bahm showed off the latest designs for her crystal-centered line, Unearthen. The very-downtown crowd enjoyed pizza and wine in the oversized loft while taking in the collection and chatting up Bahm. The event, which was hard to miss with the group gathered outside, was highlighted by the complimentary psychic readings happening in a room just next to the jewelry's showcase.

Unearthen's fall/winter 2013 range was displayed under glass as models wearing head-to-toe black and sneakers wandered around in selected pieces. Though the designer mentioned that she doesn't pick specific themes for her collections, she did have some added inspiration this season. "I was into shorter necklaces and clear stones," Bahm explained. "I still love crystals in every single form, but for some reason I felt like I wanted to make things more modern but still magical."

Bahm started her LA label several years ago with a single necklace made of a bullet and crystal. After becoming so obsessed with the materials and each crystal's distinct properties, her one piece evolved into a full-fledged line that has her sourcing gems from all over the world. Retailing at anywhere from $50 to $1,000, Unearthen has something for all. "I want everyone to be able to wear it," the designer told us. Grab some of the latest pieces here.
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