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Tracy Anderson on Juice Cleanses: "I 100 Percent Hate Them"

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Image via Tracy Anderson
Image via Tracy Anderson

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Tracy Anderson may condone getting your butt seriously kicked at one of her many studios to get into Gwyneth Paltrow-like shape, but juicing is where she draws the line. To promote her new food delivery program, the tiny trainer chatted with Allure on today's diet trends. Here's what she had to say about juice cleanses:

I 100 percent hate them. I think it's a really unfortunate trend, and it's not a sustainable weight-loss program. Plus, once you puree anything, you lose nutritional value by the second. You're drinking calories: If you're going to drink that many calories, you might as well eat anyway. It's extreme dieting. Skinny is not the end all for beauty—a lot more goes into being beautiful than [whether you] have extra weight on you.

What do you think about Anderson's stance? Is the quote extreme in itself or does she have a point? It's worth noting that she's not opposed to incorporating juice in a well-balanced diet, given that her new program includes organic juices and smoothies.
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