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Dukes of Melrose: Greek Easter and A Little Piece of Heaven

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Cameron and Christos on the red carpet. Image via Getty.
Cameron and Christos on the red carpet. Image via Getty.

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After a few episodes where everything seems to be going wrong in the world of Decades—a pop-up shop in San Fran that didn't net any profit, crying employees, bickering between Cameron and Christos—this week's Dukes of Melrose doubleheader is a refreshing palate cleanser. Everyone is upbeat, we meet both Cameron and Christos' families, Cameron receives an award, Phyllis Diller makes an appearance, Christos hosts a blockbuster Greek Easter brunch and Billy's back in his native black attire.

In the first episode, Christos takes a break from the store so that he can entertain his mother and sister who have flown in for Easter. Meanwhile, Baby Cam Cam has to mind the shop. Christos is worried, but he shouldn't be: as Cameron says, "I ran Decades on my own for nearly 15 years and it certainly doesn't take a PHD. Maybe a Bachelor's Degree."

Before Christos can pick up his family at LAX, he stops by the house of major choreographer Fatima Robinson to nab a few pieces for the store. He makes off with some great scores, including a Fendi baguette bag, a Balenciaga leather moto jacket, a Moncler puffer and a beachy Tracy Feith dress. Meanwhile, something bad—no, something terrible—has transpired at Decades. A staffer has left his or her old lunch in the mini fridge and the place stinks like a dead rat. To add insult to sensory injury, they're out of fancy fragranced candles to cover the scent.

Something smells.

Against Christos' wishes, Cameron orders more candles and they air the place out or something. Problem solved. Good thing, too, because two of Cameron's big clients, Pamela and Susan, drop in for a major shopping session. They walk out laden with Chanel, Bottega and Hermès to the tune of $11,990.

While all this spending is going on, Christos is at home making cheese pies with his firecracker of a mother and his sister. They also drop in to Decades, where Christos buys his mother a Chanel jacket. What a great son.

Exploring Phyllis Diller's closet.

The real highlight of the episode, though, is Cameron's visit to Phyllis Diller's house. It's unclear exactly when the segment was filmed, but Phyllis passed away last August and this entire episode is dedicated to her. They have martinis in the doyenné of comedy's closet and Cameron delightedly explores her epic wardrobe. "This one is a shaved beaver," the 94-year-old remarks of one of her many furs. "Are we allowed to say that in public?" asks Cameron.

The episode ends with a big bash at Christos', to which Cameron shows up in a bold blue-and-white striped suit. Marcus, meanwhile, brings a bottle of ouzo and Christos' mother gets a bit tipsy.

The next episode opens with news that Cameron is receiving a visionary award from the non-profit The Art of Elysium, an organization that brings art and music to children battling serious diseases. Who knew he was so charitably-minded? Cameron is determined to make the gala at which he'll be honored the best one ever, and decides to cap the evening with a Decades fashion show. It's a great decision, business-wise: he'll pull some of the store's most fabulous dresses to parade in front of the gala's rich and famous attendees.

Eva and her breasts.

We then meet Cameron's parents, who are adorable. "I think I'm truly a reflection of both of them," he says, "except I spend a lot more money and don't save like they did." Part of Cameron's event responsibilities include landing donations and he talks both his parents and Christos in to monetary contributions. He also dresses a few celebrities for the Elysium red carpet, including perfect-figure-possessing actress Eva Amurri. "There is a magic and a bounce to real breasts that I think it's very difficult to replicate with fake boobs, and Eva has been blessed with two of the greatest," he says as she models a stunning, form-fitting beaded gown.

Before the gala, Cameron has a little "I told you so" moment with Christos. Turns out a Givenchy gown Cameron bought for $10,000—an expenditure Christos thought completely insane—was designed by Alexander McQueen during his last season at the fashion house, and was actually the last look he sent down the runway of that collection. "Homo say what?" exclaims Christos, seeing green. That ratchets the gown's worth all the way up to more than $60,000.

It's finally time for the heaven-themed charity bash. "I am utterly blown away by how huge this is," says Christos of the event. "This is like Fergaliciously, fabulous huge." Cut to shots of celebrities, socialites and other glamorous ladies. Christos is seated at a table with a few big spenders and during the fashion show he manages to sell three dresses to them. "I am a hooker at the Four Seasons Hotel," he says. "My price may is high, but I will deliver."

Next week, drama returns as Cameron and Christos visit NYC and a pricey box of vintage goes missing.
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