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A Style Tribute to '80s Cult Classic Film, Valley Girl

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There's something about LA that breeds cult classic fashion films. From Clueless to Troop Beverly Hills, every few years a feature crops up that hilariously captures our city's style at the time, complete with over-the-top characters representing stereotypical residents. Another flick to add to the list is 1983's Valley Girl, which is celebrating it's 30th anniversary this year.

To toast the big 3-0, we've rounded up some of our favorite style moments that, like, totally salute the San Fernando Valley in the '80s—from wearable (bold prints, reflective shades) to downright laughable (bandanas, more bandanas). See it all below and, if you're a hardcore fan, throw on your retro best and swing by LACMA tonight at 7:30pm to catch a celebratory screening. Director Martha Coolidge will be in the house.

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