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Brad Goreski Loves White Denim, Wants to Cure "VPL" Syndrome

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Celeb stylist and Bravo star Brad Goreski graced Santa Monica with his presence last night at Old Navy's "Upgraded Basics" event at the 3rd Street Promenade location. As the DJ blared Top 40 hits in the front of the store, customers were offered tea and sweets while browsing the affordable retailer's spring offerings.

Goreski, Old Navy's "Style Attendant" for the evening, had a line of fans waiting to take pictures with him before getting their chance for some one-on-one style advice. We snagged him first to find out what tips he had for eager shoppers, why he's an Old Navy fan and his relationship advice.

What summer styling advice are you handing out to customers tonight?
"First, don't be afraid of white denim. I'm going to help lift the veil on the mysteries surrounding white denim. I'll show them how to mix prints and incorporate color into their wardrobe, which people also seem to be a little afraid of."

What is the worst mistake someone can make when wearing white?
"Their underwear. Wearing the wrong color or showing a VPL (visible panty line). Get yourself a seamless underwear! It will become your best friend."

You have the world's most expensive fashion at your disposal. What draws you to Old Navy?
"First of all, if you look around the store, there's an energy in the store, there's an energy in the clothes. They're great, affordable, stylish clothes for everybody, no matter what your size is, no matter what your shape is. They have something for everybody that is stylish, on-trend and won't break the bank."

What's your summer wardrobe go-to?
"Cotton socks. Is that weird? Not a tube sock, they're like a camper's sock, a nice breathable sock. My other essential would be a good pair of high tops. I'm also into a double-pleated pant. It's all very Less Than Zero."

We follow your boyfriend Gary on Twitter. He's hilarious! What's your relationship advice?
"We're going to celebrate 12 years together in July. I think having a sense of humor, being able to kindly make fun of each other and laugh together are all important. We also have the ability to be lazy together, which is the best thing. One of our favorite things is just knowing the other person is in the house. We don't actually have to be doing anything together."
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