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Looking Back at Stylish '70s Cult, LA's the Source Family

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Welcome to Local Legends, in which Curbed LA, Eater LA, and Racked LA explore the properties, food and fashion of some of Los Angeles' most noteworthy figures. Today: the Source Family hippie cult of the late '60s and early '70s.

Our city has its share of local legends, but none were as simultaneously radical and fashionable as that of the Source Family. Led by controversial spiritual leader Father Yod, the mystical Aquarian tribe ruled Hollywood's Sunset Strip in the 1970s, preaching their sex- and drug-fueled "Eternal Now" religion while running a mega popular health food eatery and wearing glorious hippie garb that comprised of goddess gowns and rainbow robes.

Last week, LA's best eccentrics gathered at The Standard, Hollywood for a screening of The Source: A Documentary, which Los Angeles Times notes spawned a "white magic ceremony" in the parking lot of the cult's original restaurant across the street. Causing the same pandemonium as the Source's first reunion back in 2007, the event was filled with wildly styled fans of Yod's psychedelic vision.

Intrigued? Check out our gallery for some of the Source's most memorable looks, which have indirectly inspired labels like Stone Cold Fox, Reformation and Free People, and watch the new doc's NSFW trailer after the jump.

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