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Aimee Song Among LA Bloggers Who Still Clock-In To Work

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Photos via Late Afternoon, Pursuit of Shoes and

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Aimee Song is one of the most recognizable faces in the world of fashion blogging. The stylish Angeleno travels all over, from New York Fashion Week to Coachella to Europe, all the while documenting it for her blog, Song of Style. Impressively, in addition to her almost daily posts and general jet-setting, she also puts in full-time hours as a successful interior designer.

Song, who makes up to $50,000 on a brand collaboration, admits that she can't remember the last night she got more than eight hours of sleep but chose to keep her day job because interior design was always her dream. The blogger says that keeping up with both gigs is a skill, explaining, "The only way to balance the two is by sacrificing other things such as going out, taking days off, etc." "I'm constantly hustling and because I'm up late working, I don't get to hang out with my friends much or party as much as I'd like to."

We caught up with three other busy LA bloggers who have found the code to balancing their "day job" with successful blogs and we learned that it's definitely not as easy as they make it look.

Liz, Late Afternoon

Tell us about your day job.
"I work as a digital marketing consultant. I just wrapped up a project with and Stylestalker."

Why did you start your blog?
"I started my blog while I was still in college. I was doing a lot of boring lab work and needed a creative outlet. I never imagined it being anything more than a hobby."

Why did you decide to keep your job after Late Afternoon took off?
"I enjoy the challenge, plus I just can't imagine not having any type of a day job."

How do you balance a full-time blog with a full-time workload?
"The most important thing for me has been learning to recognize when I have too much on my plate. I really have to prioritize and evaluate every project I take on. I've also had to learn how to live my life while simultaneously documenting it for my blog."

Where do you look for creative inspiration?
"Everywhere! I'm just as likely to find inspiration in the blooming bougainvilleas outside my house as I am within the pages of a magazine."

Free time is must be rare, how do you spend it?
"Trips to Palm Springs with my girlfriends, beach days with my fiancé and two dogs, hunting down vintage decor for our Hollywood bungalow."  

Ashley, Pursuit of Shoes

Where do you work?
"HauteLook, I'm their social media manager." 

How would you describe your personal style?
"A mix of SoCal casual (I could live in great denim and a white tee) with uptown chic—it's all in the shoes!

When did you start Pursuit of Shoes?
"I started my blog back in '09 after I had just passed the CPA, then realized I did not want to be an accountant! Life, Love and the Pursuit of Shoes was my creative outlet." 

Why did you decide to keep your full-time job?
"Pursuit of Shoes has really opened up so many doors for me, including my current social media position. They compliment each other and as long as I'm able to grow and be successful at both, why give one up?"

How do you balance the blog and work?
"I don't need much sleep so that works in my favor! Honestly, it's all about supportive family, friends and co-workers."

Where do you look for creative inspiration?
"Since I'm sitting at a computer 40+ hours a week, a lot of my inspiration comes from Pinterest and other blogs I read. I'm also a night owl; my best ideas come between midnight and 2am."
Rachel, That's Chic

Describe your job.
"I design denim. I've been in the men's department for a bit, but my career might gear towards women's later."

How did That's Chic start?
"I started my blog in high school, which was like five to six years ago. I had really strict parents, so going out was always difficult. Without a strong social outlet, I naturally gravitated towards a creative outlet with fashion."

Why did you decide to keep your job?
"I've always had a job—been working since I was 16! Honestly, [blogging is] definitely is a full time job, but I don't consider it real work experience. Blogging can be dangerously egotistical. Sometimes you need to step back and humble yourself. People and companies who want to work with your blog fill you with praise, and it can be an unhealthy mentality to be in all the time. Being in a corporate [environment], you need to know how to work with other people and people above you, have huge deadlines, being in and leading meetings, etc—that is humbling. No one cares about who you are, you need to get your shit done. That's how I was raised, and that's how I like to work. There's great money in blogging, don't get me wrong. But the blogging income will most likely not be matched when you're going to another company with no office experience. Blogging is an industry that has an expiration date, and right now, working towards a long term career with bi-monthly paychecks, benefits and social security is my highest priority."

Where do you find inspiration?
"Everywhere! Moving to LA has been a refreshing experience. I did most of my growing up in Orange County, and Los Angeles is a gorgeous city. Most of my creative surges have come through collaborating with other people." 
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