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Who What Wear Gives Us the Scoop on Their New Home Site

Stylist Simone Harouche's crib. Photo via <a href="">Domaine</a>.
Stylist Simone Harouche's crib. Photo via Domaine.

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Now that the gals behind Who What Wear have mastered the art of styling and beautifying their ever-growing fan base, they're ready to take a stab at dressing your home. This week, founders Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power debuted Domaine—an online magazine dedicated to decorating abodes, which, given our city's growing number of home decor spots, is something Angelenos can't get enough of.

Here, we chatted with Kerr, Power and Domaine's editorial director, Mat Sanders of Domino fame, about the super-exciting launch, their must-shop spots and who they'd love to feature on the site. (Hint: he's a glam rock god.)

Congrats! How long have you been dreaming of Domaine?
Kerr: "Katherine and I have loved home decor forever and both missed Domino magazine tremendously, so we started thinking about creating our own shelter site ages ago. Once we hired the amazing Mat about six months ago, things got rolling pretty quickly, but we've been casually working on the idea for a couple of years."

Are fashion and home decor interrelated?
Kerr: "Fashion and home decor are completely related! Both offer incredibly personal ways to showcase your point of view and communicate your identity. You can certainly see the fashion world's influence on decor trends and vice versa—it's a wonderfully symbiotic relationship."

Who are the magazine's key players?
Kerr: "We have the most amazing team working on Domaine, led by Mat Sanders, who is totally down-to-earth, but also a complete visionary. We simply loved his previous work—he was responsible for Domino's special issues relaunch and did incredible stuff at prior to that—and knew he was the perfect entrepreneur/editor combination to really make the site special. We're just lucky we were able to convince him to leave New York and come work with us in LA!"

Where are your go-to places for home decor in LA?
Kerr: "Approximately 80% of my home is vintage, so I'm really obsessed with all the local flea markets (Rose Bowl, Long Beach, Melrose) as well as Sunset Bazaar in Echo Park and Wertz Brothers in Santa Monica. And, of course, eBay for adding to my vintage Fire King Jadite collection! All of them require digging, but for me, it's worth it."

Power: "I love Lawrence of La Brea's rugs, Cisco Home for comfortable sofas, and I have a bunch of go-to consignment spots in Palm Springs, like The Estate Sale Company, where I find amazing stuff. For antique accessories, I love Tori Spelling's store, InvenTORI."

Mat, Domaine is bursting with creative content. How do you stay inspired?
Mat: "I'm always attracted to things that are a little messed up, or off. This is something I learned from working with greats like Scott Dadich and Alyson Cameron at Conde Nast. What's wrong about this picture and why is it much more beautiful as a result? I'm also really into scribbles and sticking things to surfaces with colored tape. (It drives our IT guy nuts)."

What was it like working with Glee's Lea Michele for that Quick Change feature?
Mat: "Working with Lea on her home makeover was pretty thrilling. The blind "reveal squeal" when she returned home to see the finished product was the stuff design dreams are made of. Lea was so gracious and cool about us coming in and turning her life completely upside down. The movers, not so much."

Issue One already has tons of star power. Who would you love to see on Domaine next?
"David Bowie."
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