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Gwyneth Brings Whole Family to Her Barnes & Noble Book Signing

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As any unabashed Gwyneth Paltrow superfan (Gwyn-iac? Gwyn-aphile?) knows, the lady loves to cook while at the same time maintaing an impeccable figure. Some of this could be attributed to the talents of her tiny blonde trainer Tracy Anderson, but there's gotta be some diet sorcery involved as well. Paltrow has spoken a bit about her eating philosophy in her e-newsletter/guide to life Goop, but with her newly-released book It's All Good, we get a fully-rounded glimpse into her day-to-day kitchen puttering.

Anyone who has tried an elimination diet will be somewhat familiar with the philosophy that Paltrow espouses in the book. We won't review it for you here; what we will say is that she looks amazing throughout. Her outfits are nothing fancy—a thin grey sweatshirt, a boho patterned shirtdress, a cloak paired with a wide-brimmed hat—but each piece is well, kind of perfect.

Gwyneth, just being Gwyneth

Last night, Gwyneth stopped by Barnes & Noble at The Grove for a book signing event. The rules were strict (no interviews, no photos with her); wristbands were mandatory. The first 30 or 40 people to greet her were photographers, who were ushered into a secluded area on the third floor of the bookstore. Then she emerged, looking radiant and incredibly leggy in a black-and-white Isabel Marant shirtdress and stilettos. In tow, her children Apple and Moses as well as her husband Chris Martin.

Ahead of us in a line, a girl whispered, reverently, "She's so skinny." As we inched our way to the front, we pondered what to ask one of the biggest celebrities in the world. Questions were discouraged, but still! Palms sweaty, book prepared and "flapped," we made it to the front and managed to say, "The recipes are great, but where did you get all the clothes in the book?"

She laughed! "It's just all my old crap!" she said. "I had no styling or makeup or anything. But thank you, that is so nice."

You can pick the book up now in stores or online at Barnes & Noble, where they're charging almost $15 less than it cost last night.
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