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Helena Quinn designer Andrea Racey sat down with Lux & Concord to reveal how she built a successful outerwear brand in just two years. On moving to LA from Michigan after graduation: "I'm a big believer in being mindful and aware of what's being presented to you, and following that. New York was just slamming every door in my face and LA was welcoming me on a cushy mat." On her very specific design focus: "Coats were something I did in design school, so when I thought about what I wanted for the brand on a larger level, which was to provide women with garments that have a distinct aesthetic, are fairly priced, and make them feel like they can take over the world, coats were a great single item to portray that." On collabs (we loved her design for Closet Rich): "It creates more transparency which I think is hugely important in an age where people feel manipulated by big business." On her quirkiest quirk: "I put olives in my white wine. I can't explain it." [L&C; Previously]