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The Story Behind Denim Label NYDJ's Department Store Success

Photo via NYDJ/<a href="">Instagram</a>
Photo via NYDJ/Instagram

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There's a reason why NYDJ (Not Your Daughter's Jeans) has over 120,000 Facebook fans. Known for developing the original slimming jean, this LA-based premium denim company is sold in over 30 countries worldwide, primarily at department stores. In fact, back in 2011 the brand became the top-selling women's denim brand at US department stores alone. But why?

We caught up with design director Deanna Herron to learn how NYDJ manages to stay afloat among today's plethora of so-hot-right-now denim labels.

How did NYDJ become a top-seller in department stores?
"We've built a tremendous following with women worldwide, and our success can be attributed to incredibly loyal customers and a fabulous product. As far as the product goes, we design with three key pillars in mind: 1) Fit 2) Fashion 3) Fabric. We call our fit 'The Original Slimming Fit,' featuring our 'Lift Tuck Technology' that makes you look and feel a size smaller. Fashion is so important to our customer; we offer contemporary trends in wearable ways, and at a really compelling price point. Lastly, our fabrics are comfortable and soft, and won't stretch out after you wear it for the day."

Tell us more about your signature fit.
"I really credit NYDJ with starting the whole slimming denim trend that's all the rage right now, but I haven't seen any brands that do it like we do. Our Lift Tuck Technology uses a patented criss-cross panel that tucks in the tummy, while the cut of the jean smoothes the hips and lifts from behind. The proportion of the jean from waist to hip is really flattering on a woman's body."

What's up for spring?
"The spring collection features color, prints, white and light denim washes. Like most designers, I gather my inspiration from everywhere, including the runway, European magazines and specialty boutiques. But a cross-section of the line was inspired by the pure delight that comes from a tropical spring break. This vision was injected with some ethnic-inspired prints, colorful floral bouquets and sun bleached pastels all reminiscent of a relaxing vacation away from it all."

What denim trends are you into and not so much?
"I love the creativity that you see coming from the denim world, where we're introducing luxurious and innovative treatments ranging from ombré to pearlized coating. In fall, we're introducing mixed media and leather-like detailing, which really advances the idea of basic denim. I love that denim has become such an important part of a woman's wardrobe that her closet craves both true denim and statement denim. However, I'd generally say that I'm not a fan of trends that don't flatter a woman's figure. If a hot new trend doesn't flatter, it's not wearable. The best trends make you feel fashion-forward but should also make you feel beautiful."
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