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LA's Stance Socks Are Your Shoe's Best Friends

Photo via Stance
Photo via Stance

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What do Rihanna and Elizabeth Olsen have in common? Besides being wildly famous on opposites sides of the entertainment spectrum, they're both high-flying fans of Stance. Founded in 2010, the LA-based premium sock brand is known for complementing footwear with its intense range of imaginative patterns, fringe, studs and ombre colorways for both men and women.

Inspiring us all to expand our sockwear horizons beyond predictable black and white varieties, Stance women's brand director Candy Harris reveals how to wear the brand's top styles and who she'd love to see them in next.

Why socks?
"What was once a forgotten accessory has really become the focus of attention. It's a great opportunity to add a loud print or pop of color to a simple outfit. With billions of feet roaming the earth, we saw an undeniable void in the marketplace for novelty embellishments and silhouettes that inspire people to get dressed socks-first."

What are your favorites ways to pairs socks and shoes?
"The more embellished the sock, the more neutral the shoe. With our fringed Lola or studded Mash socks, go for a low-cut boot. Chucks look great with our styles, too. The possibilities are endless, really."

Sandals with socks: Yay or Nay?
"It really depends on your aesthetic overall. I know a few stylists who can pull it off, but it wouldn't be the first choice for me!"

What are Stance's most popular styles?
"Definitely the Aloha, Ikat, , Cheetah, and Lola."

How has Stance managed to gain such a strong celebrity following?
"The cool thing about Stance is that the brand really is original and I think celebrities tend to embrace those types of brands. The celeb factor has never been an objective for Stance, as it's roots are in the surf, skate and snow worlds, but even then we've never made product based on one type of customer. It's about curating creativity and finding that uncommon thread in everything we do. It just so happens that some pretty famous people dig them as much as we do."

Who would you love to see sporting the brand?
"Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Kate Moss wouldn't be bad either!"
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