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Dukes of Melrose: Paris or Broke (or Both)

Cameron in Paris
Cameron in Paris

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"I'm not a big believer in budgets," says Cameron Silver at the onset of this week's episode of Dukes of Melrose while his business and sparring partner Christos Garkinos looks on in horror. "I think you spend 'til you're satisfied." Well, we hope that they've already received the check Bravo issued for this season of shows, because Cameron hasn't stopped buying couture. He decides that he needs to go to Paris to one, hang with a rich shopping buddy and two, practice his français at a bunch of vintage auctions. "It's like I have this wife who has an insatiable spending habit," says Christos. "And I'm not getting sex out of it."

Cameron bidding at an auction

Christos cramps his style with a budget ($5,000) that Cameron's sure to go over. He arrives in Paris and meets up with Sutton, his philanthropist friend. There's another reason he goes to Paris: it's got the best vintage couture, hands down, and he's been shopping the flea markets here for more than 20 years. Cameron has access and relationships to keep up. And of course, there are the perks, like the Chanel briefcase he buys for himself at more than three thousand dollars—though he has to cycle through a few credit cards to get the deed done. This, like Christos' frenzied attempts at setting a budget, show that although Cameron loves surrounding himself with luxury, he's far from wealthy himself.

Back in LA, Christos welcomes Max Greenfield (aka New Girl's Schmidt) who is shopping for his wife. She's a regular at the store and why she doesn't come along on this mission is anyone's guess. Perhaps the producers thought that Max fumbling along solo would be funnier? He and Christos joke around and Max eventually walks out of the store $1,350 lighter.

Max and his wife, Tess. Image via Bravo.

While this is happening, Cameron is in Paris spending. He's at a preview of an auction that is set to take place in a few weeks, and is leaving bids on a collection of one-of-a-kind Chanel jewelry. Over ten thousand Euro in bids, in fact. Cue Christos' heart attack.

When he gets back to LA, he unpacks his finds for store staff. They range from the gorgeous (a floaty Balenciaga dress) to the absurd (a "spider-like" black-and-white jacket, a pointy leather hat). Christos, sits and sweats and eventually shrieks, "Cameron, you are not rich! And because you're not rich, I'm not rich!" The staff watches, awkwardly. Not in front of the children, you two.

Next week, Christos hosts his mom and sister for Easter and Cameron runs the store while he's away.
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