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New Bling Ring Tailer Opens With Best Line From the Flick

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As the release of Sofia Coppola's based-on-real-events film The Bling Ring nears, there have been more and more sneak peeks into what is shaping up to be to the director's biggest commercial success yet. Today, the theatrical trailer was released on Yahoo and it opens with the movie's best line, uttered by Leslie Mann who plays an amazingly stereotypical Valley mom (toned body, designer yoga pants, always equipped with some sort of hippie-dippie mantra). We can say this with certainty as we attended a viewing of the film two weeks ago.

A few other gems include this, from major sociopath and instigator Rebecca (played by Kate Chang) on her post-high school plans: "I'm going to go to the Fashion Institute of Design. It's where all the Hills girls went," and this, which Nicki (Emma Watson's soulless character) utters at a club, "OMG, Jude Law keeps texting me."

Though full reviews of the film are embargoed until its US release date of June 14th, suffice it to say we thoroughly enjoyed our viewing—though it is nerve-wracking to watch a band of kids commit crimes and generally act reckless for an hour and a half. Also: It makes raising a teenager in Los Angeles look like absolute hell, and the soundtrack's going to be amazing.
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