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Dukes Of Melrose: A Night at the Museum

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Cameron Silver and Christos Garkinos, proprietors of Decades and stars of Dukes of Melrose, tend to get into little snits. But they're both adults and business partners, so they work out their differences. This week, another Decades staffer enters the fray. That man is Billy, whose differences with Cameron were foreshadowed in last week's episode. Both Cameron and Christos have their preferred sidekicks; Cameron always recruits Decades' "New York Editor," the model-perfect Marcus, while Christos and Billy are tight. Meanwhile, Billy and Cameron have a somewhat frosty relationship.

Billy, who appears to be a perfectly nice guy who prefers to dress in all black, ruffles the peacock's feathers during a early morning staff meeting. It takes place after viewers watch Cameron and Marcus curating an exhibit for DTLA museum MOCA featuring the clothes of a designer you've probably never heard of but definitely should know, Rudi Gernreich, and imagery of his muse, Peggy Moffitt (the "Twiggy of Los Angeles").

Cut to: the Decades morning meeting. The staff sits, attired in black, while Christos runs the show and Cameron stands in a dramatic cape, coffee in hand, looking less than thrilled to be there. Christos mentions the MOCA exhibit and Cameron wonders aloud why no one from Decades has RSVP'd yet. He calls out Billy who, instead of trying to appease Cameron, simply says that he's not going. Uh oh, he woke the dragon. Cameron's snide response, "Well, you just don't give a fuck about anything do you?" They snip at each other while everyone else just watches uncomfortably.

When Christos tries to intercede, he further pisses off Cameron, who doesn't want to be dressed-down in front of his employees. He hates being dressed down in general. Only capes, bright colors and unusual necklines for that one. Christos: "Ladies and gentlemen, people's choice nominee for best supporting actress in a drama: Cameron Silver." The tiff ends with Billy walking off in one direction and Baby Cam Cam striding off in a huff in another.

Christos then walks into the back room to comfort Billy, who's tearful over the whole encounter. Our beloved Marcus stands awkwardly nearby for moral support. Christos talks Billy off the ledge, and then they hug. "I love you Billy," Christos says. Awe! Christos would make a great dad.

Cameron has a few moments of peace while dressing celeb client Michele Hicks for the Gernreich show opening bash, then he sits down with Christos to discuss the morning's unpleasantness. It's clear that Cameron's pride and ego were dinged a bit during the episode, and he doesn't want to apologize to Billy. Christos urges him to try to talk it out, though.

Ugh. To lighten the mood, Christos goes on one of his closet raids. He drives up to the mansion of new consigner Candy Delmann, who welcomes him with a glass of wine in hand. Delmann has a walk-in closet full of designer goods from Armani, McQueen, Chanel, Fendi and more. At first, it seems like she doesn't want to part with any of them. Then Christos comes across a Prada bag that was given to Candy by Lionel Richie's wife. He's allowed to take it, along with a Lanvin cocktail dress and a Lacroix gown she wore to Madonna's wedding. Hell, it's not like she can wear it again, right? Not in this world.

Meanwhile, Cameron has arrived early at MOCA with the faithful Marcus at his side. He's anticipating Peggy Moffitt, and just hopes that she's happy with his work. Christos arrives, and it seems like all beef has been put behind them. "I'm really proud of him," Christos says. "He's family to me. And I may want to smack him once, twice...but you know, three times, he's my lady." Christos has all the best quips this episode.

Peggy arrives and loves the installation. Cameron is validated and, we're sure, relieved. Underneath that fancy, "fabulous" exterior, he seems very sensitive. It makes sense, then, why Billy's rebuke stung him so.

It's the next day, and Cameron and Billy are having their sit down. Only-child Cameron explains that he was taken aback by Billy's response, and embarrassed because everyone was watching. "I was in a cape, so I guess it exaggerates the drama," he says. He feels like he and Billy haven't truly "connected" and have communication issues. Billy apologizes, and the two hug. It's a step, though they don't seem like bros just yet.

Next week, burlesque diva Dita von Teese consigns a few pieces and C&C travel to foggy San Fran for a Gaultier-themed pop-up. Finally, an opportunity to break out some designer outerwear and umbrellas!
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