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Blogger Courtney Trop Models Festival Jewelry for Stella & Bow

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Photos by William Galindo

It was only a matter of time before the fashion world caught on to one of our favorite new bloggers, Courtney Trop of Always Judging. The FIDM grad has mastered the art of making a statement with basics, which is why her style is both head-turning and super-wearable all at once.

The girl certainly knows how to accessorize, too (hello, Tom Ford sunnies), which is why we're not surprised that local jewelers Lauren Brokaw and Lindsey Lerman of affordable jewelry line Stella & Bow asked her to style and model their latest music-infused collection. Read on for a chat with the designers and Trop, and flip through our gallery for some exclusive behind-the-scenes snaps.

What drew you to working with Courtney?
Stella & Bow (S&B): "LA has a plethora of fashion bloggers. It was important for us to find one that aesthetically aligned with our brand. Someone that was very fashion forward, but did so in such an effortless manner. Courtney is the perfect representation of our style. We love that she mixes it up; much like our jewelry, she can look super feminine with the
perfect hint of edge, or vice versa. Also, much like us, she is in the midst of building her own business and brand. We love being around Courtney and see this endeavor leading to a great friendship!"

What sparked this collection's theme?
S&B: "Being LA natives with strong ties to the entertainment, music and fashion industries, Coachella and music festivals in general are a part of our lives. We wanted this line to represent how much we are inspired by music and translate that into something we are familiar with—jewelry! Also, we are two twenty-something women building a business, which is no easy feat. To reflect this, we intentionally named pieces in the collection after strong female musicians that have impacted us personally and the industry as a whole. It's hard to make an impact on society, let alone to be a young woman making an impact on society."

What are some of the pieces featured in this shoot?
S&B: "For Courtney, we created an elaborate arm, neck and hand party. She wore our Dolly Parton Black & Clear Bangles ($63.25), Dolly Parton Rings in Black ($37.95), Karen O Nail Rings in Gold & Silver ($37.95), Meg White Bracelet in Hematite ($37.95), Stevie Nicks Necklace ($75.90), Tori Amos Bangle ($52.25), Alexis Krauss Pinky/Midi ring ($25.30) and Francoise Hardy Ring in Rose Gold ($37.95). We also included a few scattered pieces from our Artists collection: the Botticelli short necklace ($75), Dali red jade bracelets ($40), assorted Singer Sargent bracelets ($35) and Singer Sargent Necklace in Red Jade ($40). All of these pieces can be found on our website now."

Courtney, what has the response been like since we featured you on Racked?
Courtney Trop (CT): "Racked LA has opened up so many doors for me! Since I was featured I have gotten an overwhelming response from designers wanting to collaborate on future projects with my blog. I've also established a stronger following throughout my social media and blog."

Awesome! What are your favorite pieces from the collection?
CT: "I hate this question because it's so hard to choose! The Stella & Bow collection is all about layering more than one piece in your own personal way. I had the most fun layering on strands and strands of the necklaces. My neck was layered with everything from Onyx, Moonstone, Red Jade (my favorite necklace) and Fresh Water Pearl stones. I also, love the nail and safety pin rings. The Stella and Bow girls really know how to get you addicted with layering all their beautiful jewels and mixed metals."

What is this shoot's styling inspired by?
CT: "I had two things in mind before coming into this shoot: 1) I wanted to do something a little different than the normal cutoff denim shorts/rocker tee/fringe leather bag sort of vibe. I wanted to marry the idea of something you would see on the cover of Vogue to something I would actually wear to a festival. Stella & Bow is such an amazing and special jewelry collection that I wanted to let it shine on its own. Wearing something neutral and basic is crucial to making this shoot more about the jewelry than anything else. I also want to point out that this is one of my actual Coachella outfits that I will be wearing to the festival; I plan on pairing it with a a Reformation> graphic sweatshirt."

What are your top styling tips for Coachella this year?
CT: "1) Choose comfort first. Remember that if you're actually going for the love of music, you will be on your feet all day in hot weather with thousands of people. You have to think to yourself. It's easier to look good in something basic versus an over-the-top elaborate outfit. Stay effortless. 2) Focus in on one standout detail. This could be anything, from awesome standout jewelry pieces to a neon dress or bright lipstick. 3) Bring a sweater or jacket! So many times that I've gone to Coachella, I've seen girls in little dresses shivering after the sun goes down. Bring one staple sweater that looks good with every outfit, and re-wear her every night. 4) Lastly, my own personal style tip for this year is going with a neutral color palette. I'm packing all neutrals this year with a few animal print pieces. Normally I wear neon shades, but this year I'm switching it up a bit!"
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