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Osi Shoham of Gypsy 05 Loves Thailand, Brad Pitt, Mother Earth

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Designer Osi Shoham is one half of the team behind Gypsy 05, a Southern California brand that she launched in 2005 with her brother Dotan. From the start, the brother/sister duo wanted to create something that reflected their relaxed vibe and dress. "Gypsy is so us," Shoham said, "We're gypsies at heart." What began as T-shirts quickly turned into a lifestyle brand that offers 12 collections a year and, as of 2009, an incredibly eco-friendly production process.

Gypsy 05 prides itself in being the first completely solar-powered dying, printing, and manufacturing facility in LA. Having been born in Israel, the Shohams were accustomed to solar panels so it was only natural that they eventually added the energy-saving devices to their facilities. In addition, Gypsy 05 makes other green choices from low-impact dyes to organic and natural fabrics. "Our relationship with Earth is a two-way relationship," the passionate designer explained. "We can always be more considerate."

We caught up with the eco-conscious designer at Beverly Hills Juice Club where she filled us in on her favorite LA coffee spot, Brad Pitt movie and that one pair of Levi's she will never get rid of.

What are you drinking today?
"Today I am drinking an apple, strawberry and coconut [juice]."

What's the funniest thing you've ever seen your kids do?
"It's crazy, there's so many things. Every morning my girls are playing with my makeup. One day we were sitting in the living room having a Shabbat Dinner and my daughter disappeared. She pulled out a black pencil, the one that's used for makeup, and she sketched all over her face. And she did a good job. She did her eyebrows, she did her eyes and her lips, then she comes back to the room all happy because she put her makeup on and her face was all black. It was so funny."

What's one song that you're embarrassed to admit you love?
"You know 'Supergirl' by the Ramones?"

Breakdance or slowdance?

What's your favorite LA spot?
"I actually found a really amazing place last week, it's a new coffee shop that opened on Melrose Place. They have the best coffee in Los Angeles. It's called Alfred. It's got vintage flare and it's beautiful, it's not typical LA. There's a very interesting vibe and their coffee is absolutely amazing. Everything was perfect, like you could get it in Europe.

Silverlake or Venice?

Who is your favorite Victoria's Secret Angel?
"Definitely Alessandra. There's something about her. She has coolness and sexiness and personality. I think she's different than all of them."

Lemonade or green tea?
"Green Tea."

What is one movie that you've found yourself watching over and over again?
"There are a few but there is one that I really like called Meet Joe Black with Brad Pitt. I don't know why I love this movie. I can watch it once a week. There is something about this movie."

Maxidress or mini skirt?

If you could only wear one color for the rest of your life, what would it be?
"I could never do that but navy would probably be the easiest one. Blues."

What is your favorite part of the day?
"The evenings because my days are so busy. Once I come home and spend some time with my kids and then they go to sleep, I have a couple of hours just alone with my husband. It's quiet, maybe a glass of wine, relaxing. "

Antique or brand new?

What word do you overuse?
"I would say 'Relax.' I always say 'Just relax.' People sometimes get mad at me about it. I always tell my team, 'Just relax, let's talk about it.'"

What is your best vacation memory?
"Thailand. The last time [I visited] was like 10 years ago, I used to go there very often but recently I'm just too busy. It's so down-to-earth, so beautiful, simple. Just a house and a beach with coconut trees all around you."

If you had to get rid of your entire closet but could save one piece, what would it be?
"It would probably be a pair of Levi's from the '80s. Levi's shorts, they're something that you can wear forever."
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