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The Laptop-Friendly Tote That Won't Make You Look Like a Schlub

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Today's pick comes from Racked National associate editor Kenzie Bryant.

Madewell double-handle tote, $88 at

One of the hard facts about fashion blogging is that your laptop will insist on being your plus one to post-work events. So it's important that the bag in which you cart it around is (a) sturdy, (b) functional in a work environment as well as a cocktail hour environment, and (c) not embarrassing to yourself, the company you represent, and potentially the family that raised you better than to carry some ratty old tote. I do not have one of those bags. I would very much like to have one.

This double-handle Madewell tote in canvas is a top contender these days. It's simple, roomy, and light enough to go with most warm-weather outfits. Plus, it's not painfully expensive, so I won't have to be precious about schlepping around my laptop lifeline.
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